Dr. Kim R. Grimes
Emotional Wellness Coach

I empower faith-driven women to unlock the secrets of ancient biblical wisdom, to build generational wealth and achieve true freedom. 

This Is What I Do

In the fast-paced world we navigate today, constant distractions compete for our attention, leaving us drained and disconnected. The pursuit of success, while noble, often results in burnout and a loss of purpose. Mental health and well-being suffer as we neglect the essential rhythm of rest. Welcome to a transformative journey designed for women of faith who find themselves trapped in the chaos of busyness, desperately seeking a sanctuary of rest and self-actualization. “For the REST of Your Lifeis a 4-week intensive coaching program, a sacred passage that takes you from the frenzy of exhaustion to the serenity of self-awareness and mastery.

I use my For the REST of Your Life online coaching program to help women of faith master their vocation, influence, relationships, emotions, thoughts, and health by cultivating sacred time of rest, self-awareness, empathy, and balance. I have a tried-and-tested methodology that helps women of faith tap into the wisdom of rest to recharge and light the path forward. I designed For the REST of Your Life online coaching program to help women of faith take a step back and listen to what is most deeply nourishing, true, and healing to them so they can show up in the world with greater efficiency and passion. This is a fully done-with-you program where I conduct live, online coaching sessions each week using 30+ years of my experience in running transformative coaching businesses and serving in the United States Army Reserve.

In the first phase, we set the stage for remembering to rest, you will embark on a transformative exploration designed to rekindle a profound awareness of the often-forgotten rhythm of rest in your life. The overarching aim is to guide you toward recognizing the profound truth that genuine rest is not merely a luxury but an essential component of a fulfilled and purposeful existence. While setting the stage for remembering to rest, we will build your awareness through a gap analysis to recognize the truth of who you are, evaluate your attitude, self-awareness, and unpack how you feel about yourself, as well as others. Giving valuable insights, that can be used to implement sacred time and to do further self-exploration to understand aspects of yourself that need to be changed; so, you can move towards becoming the woman of faith God created you to be in the world. 

By the end of the awareness phase, you will have peeled back layers of distraction and societal pressures, gaining a profound transformation in your

perception of rest a clearer understanding of your personal relationship with rest. You are invited to embrace the essence of rest and delve into the profound wisdom that it holds. The promise is not just the achievement of momentary tranquility but the attainment of wisdom that permeates all aspects of life. This wisdom, gained through the intentional embrace of restbecomes a guiding light, offering clarity in decision-making, resilience in the face of challenges, and a deeper connection to one’s purpose. You will learn how to own your power and upgrade your emotional state, body, mind, and soul. learning how to change habits and behaviors through emotional self-management, so you know how to identify trigger emotions and formulate an exit emotional strategy plan. 

The second phase, the mastery, invites women of faith into a sacred space where the act of surrender becomes a transformative pathway toward a profound trust in the divine to achieve your dreams and goals with more ease and grace. Women of faith can anticipate a profound shift in their relationship with trust and surrender. Women of faith will emerge with a deepened trust in the divine order of their lives, a sense of peace amid uncertainty, and the tools to navigate challenges with faith and resilience. Building on the foundational awareness of rest established in the previous modules, this segment of the journey is carefully designed to guide women of faith on how to be a powerful communicator by mastering empathy and learning how to receive while in rest.

By the end of the mastery phase, women of faith are invited into a profound exploration of living in the constant presence of God. Building on the foundation of awareness, embrace, and surrender established in previous modules, this segment guides women of faith towards the realization that, ultimately, the “one thing” is to be present in the divine embrace. You will emerge with a deepened trust in the divine order of your life, have a sense of peace amid uncertainty, and use tools to navigate challenges with faith and resilience. Acquiring how to create a strong influence by mastering the masculine (linear thinking) and feminine (trust and intuition), mastering your rest, mastering your relationships, mastering your vocation, and last but not least, mastering your being. By the end of this program, women of faith will acquire profound freedom that comes from surrendering to the wisdom and the love of God.

This is What My Clients Say About Me

Olga Odhiambo

Founder, GEM Accounting & Tax, LLC

Sarah Lieberman

Co-Owner, Dandelions Cafe

Chianté Jones

Founder, Dollars and Change

Raven Thissel

Sr Communications Manager, Karat, Brilliant Black Minds

Samantha Neal

Account Manager, Coastal Maintenance Solutions

Lora Lindquist

Owner, Prince Lindquist Consulting


Watch My Free Masterclass on “How to Amplify Your God-given Gifts &
Talents to accelerate your life, in 4 steps, even if you don’t know what they are.

We are in the world with our eyes wide open the seductions are insatiable.

Every second of the day stimulus competes for our attention; buy me, do me, watch me, try me, drink me. Thomas Merton said there is a pervasive form of contemporary violence… And that is activism and overwork. We allow ourselves to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything is to succumb to violence. 

There is a universal refrain, “I am so busy that governs our lives. The frenzy of our active activism neutralizes who we really are and covers up our God-given gifts and talents. It destroys the fruitfulness of our being, because it kills the root of inner wisdom which makes us fruitful. 

There’s a rhythm that goes on within our body, a rhythm of rest. Our bodies need rest our body was created for rest. In the relentless busyness of our daily lives, we have forgotten the one main thing. We have lost the rhythm of rest.

In our exclusive masterclass, designed for women of faith, I teach you how to unlock and unleash the full potential of your God-given gifts and talents so you can accelerate your life towards success, fulfillment, and wholeness. I share four impactful steps, how to unravel the path to rest, healing, self-actualization and empowerment, helping you tap into the reservoir of your inner abilities. 

This immersive experience is crafted for women of faith, seeking growth and fulfillment, even if you’re uncertain about the specific gifts you possess. Use my proven blueprint to create more time and transform your relationships so you spend more time with those who are most important to you. 

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Whether you’re seeking clarity on your God-given gifts and talents or aiming to enhance existing skills and abilities, this masterclass is designed for women of faith ready to embrace their full potential and live-in unparalleled growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to step into your greatness and embrace the extraordinary life that awaits you.”

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One-on-One Coaching

Are you a woman of faith feeling overwhelmed by the relentless demands of life? Are you feeling the weight of an overwhelmingly busy life, yearning for a sanctuary to rediscover yourself, reclaim your time, and embrace a life of purpose? If so, your transformative journey begins now! I offer a One-on-One online coaching service to provide women of faith with ongoing support over 4 weeks. I am guided by a tried-and-tested methodology that allows me to help you identify how your external reality is wreaking havoc on your internal world and how your current state may not be serving your best interest. When you sign up, I will schedule an onboarding call with you so we can discuss your challenges and busy lifestyle. I will help you understand the impact a lack of rest is having. My goal is to dedicate attention and time, so you learn how to consecrate time to disconnect from the frenzy of consumption and accomplishment. The purpose of every call will be to help you transform your mindset and gain emotional mastery to bring you closer to your goals by surrendering and letting God manifest beauty, peace, rest, joy and love in your life.

Group Coaching

Are you a woman of faith who prefers to be in a tribe as you learn and grow? My online group coaching service is designed to provide you with a transformative learning experience, for women of faith, in a group setting. Here you can spend time connecting with like-minded women of faith who are also on a journey to manage the overwhelming, relentless demands on their lives. Who are feeling the weight of an overwhelmingly busy life, yearning for a sanctuary to rediscover themself, reclaim their time, and embrace a life of purpose I will coach your group each week through live online coaching calls so we can discover what is restricting each of you in your current reality, and how you can build a more stress-free lifestyle that allows you to flourish in every area and create abundance for yourself, your family and your community.