Hi, I am Dr. Kim R. Grimes

I help women of Faith abide in the presence of God, so they can find absolute truth, healing, and peace, experience true transformation, and cultivate a deeper, intimate relationship with God outside their church.

Dr. Kim R. Grimes is a skilled emotional wellness coach, business development expert, strategic leadership trainer, and change agent who helps women of faith maintain balance and more effective relationships when experiencing complex emotions that arise frequently in their roles. She focuses on empowerment by helping women of faith amplify their God-given gifts and talents by increasing their capacity for self-awareness, focus, and empathy.

Dr. Kim has earned her stripes as an emotional-wellness leader by taking on challenges across various roles, including as the founder and owner of Living Abundantly, Inc (LA) Virginia, a for-profit corporation providing Professional and Personal Development Services to inspire people to change their lives, one thought at a time. LA assists people in realizing their greatness lies in the power of their thoughts because “we are what we think!” Dr. Kim is also the President of Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV), a faith-based organization exclusively for teens and young adults who want to live a life of integrity and live in their greatness. Dr Kim is also the Executive Director of a non-profit called Synergy4WBO, Inc. At Syngery4WBO we are changing the future! We empower black, people of color and women-owned small businesses to be equally profitable, sustainable and successful when compared to their non-minority counterparts.

A compassionate coach at heart, Dr. Kim’s high-energy coaching style has helped men, women, young adults, and youth amplify their God-given gifts and talents to live out their full potential. She developed an experiential understanding of emotional literacy life coaching by working with thousands of people across various roles, including high technology, systems administration, instructing, personal finance mentoring, and project leadership.

Dr. Kim spent more than 25 years serving in the United States Army Reserve and retired at the esteemed rank of Major after increasing leadership and management responsibility year after year. Her time with the US Army has instilled a formidable mindset that has helped Dr. Kim enrich the lives of others using discipline, courage, and emotional resilience throughout her career.

Dr. Kim has a diverse educational background with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Christopher Newport University, in Virginia; a Master of Science Degree in Management from Troy University, in Alabama; a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Life Coaching, from Regent University in Virginia, and acquired certifications from accredited institutions for Emotional Wellness, Financial Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Dream Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, and more. Dr. Kim is also an ordained Minister in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She identifies as a bona fide “Jesus Follower” instead of a “Christian.”

Her passion for serving people has allowed Dr. Kim to perform wedding ceremonies and become a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator, trainer, mentor, coach, and host of the “You are YOU, Unapologetically” Podcast. Her vast military experience, coaching skills, management background, life experiences, and wisdom allow Dr. Kim to bring exceptional expertise and knowledge to any service she provides. Dr. Kim amplifies your God-given gifts and talents so you can BE who you were created to BE. Unapologetically!