Hi, I am Dr. Kim R. Grimes

I help women of Faith abide in the presence of God, so they can find absolute truth, healing, and peace; experience true transformation, and cultivate a deeper, intimate relationship with God outside their church.

In March 2020, I was inspired to read a book called “Sabbath, Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight In Our Busy Lives” by Wayne Muller. It was my third time reading the book, but I had somehow missed the life-changing message it carried in my previous two attempts. After my third reading, I got it, and I was transformed. There is no turning back.  

All life requires a Rhythm of Rest. Our hearts rest after each life-giving beat. Our lungs rest between the inhale and the exhale. I had lost the essential rhythm of Sabbath. Due to my overwhelming desire to succeed and meet the enormous expectations I placed on my life, I lost the rhythm between work and rest. I did not know; I was clueless as to what Sabbath (rest) was all about. Little did I know then, it was the beginning of my awareness. In other words, this is the beginning of my consciousness journey. 

I believed all the work I did was required, not only to accomplish the tasks assigned, but also to receive blessings and to please God. I lived this belief for more than 25 years. Every day, I worked myself silly until the constant exhaustion led me to a life-saving realization. For years, I knew something was not right, but I could not put my finger on it. My life was busy all the time. I was busy being busy, being busy, being busy. I found no peace nor pleasure in enjoying my life. I was probing for understanding and clarity on “Why was it okay for me to be so busy all the time?” 

I later realized that in my drive for success, notoriety, and security, I was seduced by the promise of more. More money, more recognition, more love, more satisfaction, more influence, more possessions… The list never ended. Living the ‘successful’ life had become a violent enterprise. It caused me to go to war with my body by pushing it beyond its limits with few manifestations and creating crumbs of wealth. 

I also went to war with my husband of 25+ years because I did not make time to spend with him. My whole experience of being alive culminated in one enormous obligation. I did not know how to STOP. The busier I was, the more important I seemed to myself, my ego and others, at least in my anxious mind. 

The renowned Minister and Therapist Wayne Muller famously said, “Our lack of rest and reflection is not just a personal affliction, but it colors the way we build and sustain community, it dictates the way we respond to suffering, and it shapes the way in which we seek peace and healing in our world.” 

I recognized the way I solved problems was frantic, desperate, and reactive (self). Without the essential nutrients of rest, wisdom, and delight embedded in my problem-solving process, the solution became an obstacle at best. That meant any solution my ego came up with contained fundamental inaccuracy and guaranteed an equally perplexing problem would emerge as soon as it was put in place. 

What I learned was in the soil of the quick fix, my ego (self) planted the seed for a new problem because I could not see the whole picture. My quiet wisdom was unavailable in the frenzy I had worked myself into. That was not the life I dreamed of when I was a young girl. My life was full of possibilities and promises back then. How did I get so terribly lost in the world blindly grasping for success? 

My life as I knew it became unrecognizable when I learned and implemented the Ancient Biblical Principle of Sabbath (Shabbat). The word Sabbath referred only to the last day of the week to some, but I uncovered it is a revolutionary tool for cultivating those precious human qualities that grow only in time.  

As busyness became a kind of violence for me, I leaned deep into Sabbath. I found Sabbath time (rest) was an effortlessly nourishing time that allowed me to invite healing for this violence I was living in. For me to be without rest is for me to be in my ego. I responded from a survival mode where everything I met assumed a terrifying prominence (few manifestations). I reacted with sloppy desperation because of exhaustion (creating crumbs of wealth). 

Sabbath taught me how to go inward. Setting aside sacred time to rest created an internal place for me so, if I got lost, I could find my way back to my center. Remembering to rest means remembering everything I have received is a blessing. It also means remembering to delight in my life and the fruits of my labor, stop, take deep breaths, and offer thanks for the wonders of rest. Through Sabbath I became aware of my inner being, my true Self, without the ego (self). There is an inner route from self to Self. Surprisingly, my consciousness of my true Self is where I found God, my Creator, patiently waiting to pour His love on me. I found my Self abiding in God’s Presence. 

What I gathered from Muller is remembering Sabbath (to rest). It is not a simple lifestyle suggestion for one day, but an Ancient Biblical Principle found in most of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions. Sabbath honors the necessary wisdom of dormancy. A lack of dormancy produces confusion and erosion in the life force. According to Muller, we all must have a period in which we lie dormant to refresh and restore our souls. 

I noticed in my rest, I became conscious of the insight and blessings of mindfulness, deep awareness that arose only in stillness and time. When I acted from a place of deeper breath, I was more capable of cultivating what the Buddhists would call right understanding, right action, and right effort. In this unstable world, if you do not rest or surrender to some form of Sabbath, how can you find your way?  

For this reason, “I empower faith-driven women to unlock the secrets of ancient biblical wisdom to build generational wealth and achieve true freedom to leave a legacy.” Amongst my inner transformation, my sister passed without a will, and everything was crazy. I quickly became the “fixer” organizing and delegating until that one split second when I realized the importance of creating wealth. I realized that wealth is spiritual. We are obsessed with materialism, but with wealth we can do so much more – like get the best healthcare, create unforgettable experiences, access to the best coaches and mentors to amplify growth. This was a defining moment for me, and I knew that the biblical principles I understood, were not just words but a roadmap to abundance and prosperity. I held the keys in my hand and knew that my purpose and mission was something bigger than me. I now spend 6 months of the year traveling the world with my husband, Lionel, the majority are cruises. We decided to create a lifestyle and we did. I want to teach women how to apply biblical principles, so they become master manifesters and spiritual warriors to do Gods work and learn to open their heart to receive.  

Therefore, I created For the REST of Your Life, my signature online coaching program to teach women of faith who, like me, have forgotten the necessity of the Sabbath. Women who have forgotten to take time for a sacred rest. Sacred rest is time off the wheel and off the grind. Sacred rest is more than the absence of work. It is a time to let God (or your higher power) pour into you, to care for things while you drink from the fountain of rest and delight. 

It is the presence of something that arises when you consecrate a period of time to listen to what is most deeply beautiful, nourishing, or true. I am flattered to help relentlessly busy women of faith to create a time to honor the quiet forces of grace and spirit that sustain, heal and amplify them. When you find Sabbath (rest), you find that balance point at which, having rested, you can do your work with greater ease and joy; while amplifying your God-given gifts and talents which bring peace, healing, and delight to all your endeavors.